Where Were You on 9-11-2001

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this is what I remember from 9/11/2001.  It was a Tuesday Morning, which was also an election day in the City of New York and it is also my brother’s birthday. 


After voting, while walking back to my car, I happen to look up and across the skyline of Brooklyn, I had a clear view of the twin towers, I saw smoke.  I called my brother and was going to tell him that the World Trade Center was on fire, he instead told me that a plane just flew into the tower, my next question was where is, “Deb”, that’s our sister she worked in the tower, he said she is leaving the building.


I looked up again and I show an explosion, that was the second plane hitting the tower, I didn’t see the plane hit I saw the explosion.  I thought it was an electrical fire that was out of control.  I had just finish working  a 12 hour shift as a NYPD officer, so I went home and fell asleep.


Around 4 pm, I heard my phone ring, it was my sister’s husband telling me he couldn’t find my sister, I in turn told him about what I saw in the morning, he asked haven’t I been looking at the News, my answer was, “No”.  He then went on to tell me about the twin towers falling, to say the least I was shock.  On went the TV and I tried to reach my sister via cellphone, which at this time was dead in the city.  I call my Police Command and told the situation, I told them I would respond to the scene, after I have located my sister.  Four hours later my sister called me and said she was alright, but she was lost and could find her way home, she told me where she was I told her how to get home. 


After locating my sister, I went to work, we as first responders worked

16 hours shift for the next two weeks without any days off, thereafter 12 hours shifts with two days off.  I was one of the luck ones, my sister live to talk about her ordeal and many others didn’t.  One officer I worked with died that day, I still can’t believe he is gone.


Phyllis L Jackson

 Retired New York City Police Officer


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