Internet Scams



Most of our clients found our company through the internet and the general consensus is that, the majority of business transactions are conducted on the world wide web.  Some clients busniess transactions did not end in  a favorable result.

 In this newsletter there will be “no” shop talk, instead let’s talk about something that may concern some of us; “INTERNET SCAMS”.  Each day I am seeing internet scams with new twists and turns, but it’s always an old scam if you look and dig deep enough but with a new twist.. 

While working as a Law Enforcement officer, I became aware of Internet Scams, One day while working the complaint receiving desk, I received a call from an individual from Hawaii.  He’d purchased a desk top computer online from an individual who lived in Brooklyn, New York.  The purchased was made three months prior to the phone call. I explained to the individual that Brooklyn was a big Borough and I would need an address.  Well needless to say the individual give me a non existing address and if memory serves me well, no traceable landline phone number. 

Now what do you tell an individual after receiving this information?  Well it went something like this.  “I don’t think you will ever see your money or the computer you purchased.  You bought an item from an unknown person using a fictitious address; if you’re a Business owner you can write it off on your taxes, if not, then it a lesson learned”. 

 Always check out an Individual or a Business before conducting any type of transaction involving money.  Back then Internet Scams were new to Law Enforcement, they really were any laws or stature governing this source of crime.                                                                  

Today, it’s a whole new ball game.  Law Enforcement Agencies have the tools to deal with this new crime.  Some have Cyber Police, patrolling the internet.

If you feel its phony then it is, go with your gut feeling then do your due diligence to find out the facts.

There are so many sites available with listings of new and old scams. Check out my site resource page to obtain these links.

Remember never give out your personal information to anyone, unless you made the initial request.  Continue surfing the web and stay safe

Phyllis L Jackson

Retired NYPD Officer  

Uniquely40, LLC



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