I Can’t Believe Some Business Professionals And Owners Still Don’t Know – “What’s A Virtual Assistant”?

In 2009, I offered a free webinar to address the questions of, “What Is A Virtual Assistant”.  Response were overwhelming, but most of the slot were reserve by other Virtual Assistants;’ what I was looking for were Business Owners and Business Professional not affiliated with the Virtual Assistants industry to attend the webinar.

In October 2012, we will start our registration for another Webinar, which will be held for  Business Owners and Professionals only; and it will be a paid Webinar. The actual Webinar will be held in February of 2013 and June 2013 each with 100-space availability.

I will invite Virtual Assistants’ with niches, in Web Design or Development, Accountant, Bookkeeping, Recruitments, QuickBooks, Desktop Publishing, Ecommerce, Legal, Researching and Investigations, Event Planner, etc.  This list is not inclusive; I will add more niches as we approach the date.  The concept of this webinar is to have Business Owners and Professional asks questions of Virtual Assistant that specializes in our field and operates as a full time Virtual Assistant to answer the questions. All Virtual Assistant must be Incorporated, an LLC or  a Sole Proprietor.  Some VA will walk away with new clients others will not.  Those are the break, so VA get your elevator speech together.  I will start registration for VA’s after more than half the spots have been sold.

Remember we’re all in this together, if one Virtual Assistant perform work that is unsatisfactory for a client, it will reflect badly on our industry.  Lets’ help the Business world find out who and what we are in a positive light and show them how we can become an efficient, effective and valuable part of their business. We Are A Business Professional and Owner Valuable Asset, We Are Virtual Assistant.

Phyllis L Jackson
Ms. Evas’ President
Uniquely40’s CEO/ Founder

Multi Service Excellent Virtual Assistant
Your Outsourcing Professional Assistant
Supporting Business Anywhere, We’re Worldwide





We Do More Than Just Typing


Skype: uniquely40


3 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe Some Business Professionals And Owners Still Don’t Know – “What’s A Virtual Assistant”?

    • Thank you so much for reblogging my blog, I will start looking for VA’s for this webinar after more than have the business owners slots are fill. Thank you again

      Phyllis L Jackson
      Uniquely40, LLC

      President Of
      Mw. Eva (Multi Services Excellent Virtual Assistant)

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