About Ms. Eva

Our Tag Lines:

“The Best Multi-Service Excellent Virtual Assistant Team (Ms EVA)”
“Your Outsourcing Professional Assistant”
Supporting Business Anywhere, We’re Worldwide.”


The Team


Ms EVA has been created from the economic demands for more streamlined, cost effective ways to maximize your business.  Ms EVA answers the call for a more Virtual means of meeting your staffing needs. Our Team members have worked in the corporate world.  The wealth of knowledge and expertise the Team at Ms EVA can provide is mind boggling. Our Team consists of Accountants, Bookkeepers, Executive Administrative Assistants, Personal Assistants, Web Designers, Web Developers, Project Managers, and Professional Bloggers, this list is endless!

Our Team is composed of highly motivated individuals, who through the economic down-turn, have chosen to offer their services through Virtual means.  They understand the costs involved in running a business and realize the demand for cutting costs and the value their Virtual services provide to companies.

Our Screening Process:

All subcontractors before coming on board to work with our clients must submit a resume with references. No resume is accepted without references.  References are checked via phone calls or emails.  Thereafter, an interview is held with the Lead VA and Team Leader. The combined consensus of Lead VA and Team Leader will decide who will subcontract for Ms EVA.

How we came to be:

The idea to start an outsourcing part of U40 was created because of my workload.   I hated turning potential clients away but didn’t have enough time in a day to accommodate all requests.  With the economy down-turn and rising unemployment, I receive emails every day requesting a position with my company.   I saw a niche market that needed to be addressed, a place to connect those potential clients with excellent staff.

Needless to say, being inundated with requests for subcontracting projects, I created Excellent Virtual Assistant (Ms EVA).

Thanks to Linda Kassis of Halitek Industries (www. halitek.com) for writing The Team  introductory page.  In our business we all need a helping hand.

Phyllis L Jackson

Team Leader


4 thoughts on “About Ms. Eva

  1. Secretaries were the first Adminstrative Assistant, the business world just gave us another title.

    Firstly,If you’re starting a home business, you have to think like a business owner and not like an employee. What ever goes wrong with a situation you as the business owner must always deal with it; it can not be passed along to an employee.

    Secondly, incorporate your company, make your business a separate entity for your personal life. Get a mentor or a coach, some may charge a fee others may not. I am a mentor not a coach and I do charge a fee, but I search for the tools to get your business up and running. Some tools are free and work just as well as the paid ones.

    Thirdly set up rules or Terms and Policies for your business and stick to them, if you feel that the client is a good risk then you could waiver from the Policies, but as always put it in WRITING. See our official webiste Terms and Policies page http://uniquely40.com/policies-and-terms/

    Fourthly, since you’re Legal Secretary with Paralegal skills, you can sell yourself to any Lawyer, insurance companies or government agency that is willing to have a Virtual Assistant (Telecommunter) working on their projects. As with all Lawyers which area of the Law is your strongest, Criminal or Civil.

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